Today, we travel to Paris. Do we really need a reason to travel to Paris?

Paris is know as “La Ville Lumiere”, the City of Lights. Walking along the Seine river at night is like seeing fireworks for the very first time-it truly takes your breath away.

170 museums: whatever you are looking for, Paris has a museum for you

Become a flaneur: in other terms become a stroller, who goes wherever his or her curiosity leads, collecting impressions along the way. Paris is best seen on foot. Leave your itinerary behind and aimlessly wander. Each quartier is beautiful and holds its own unique charms and treasures.

Cafe Culture: Sit in an outdoor cafe, order a cafe creme or kir royale and watch the world walk by. Leave all your cares at home and savor the moment.

Fabulous Style Ideas: know the latest fashion trends a year before they arrive in the states

Eating as a form of art: In Paris, dinner is not only a meal, it is an art form…drink great wine, and let yourself be overwhelmed by the attention of detail-from the table linens to the presentation on the plate, from the personal attention of the chef to the flavors of the cuisine. And best of all, you don’t need to spend a fortune for this experience!