After reading my post on yoga the other day, some of you may be thinking “yoga isn’t a workout” or “what’s the point” or “I don’t believe in doing yoga.” Well I was sitting in your shoes about two years ago.

The first time that I tried yoga was my junior year in college at Boulder. My roommates and I thought we would give yoga a shot since it was so close to our apartment. It was a snowy wet night outside. Corepower Yoga was no more than a block and a half from our apartment but being the lazy people we were, we drove. I remember this day so well. It was a small studio on “The Hill”, all college students, which is made it feel more intimate like we were all connected in this community we lived in. It was primarily girls except for the exception of five football players. I think they were required to take the class. Imagine these five football players, big guys who thought the class would be a joke and so easy. By the end of class they could barely walk, it was something unlike they had ever done. Meanwhile, my friend and I couldn’t bear the heat in this tiny room. We couldn’t focus. We just couldn’t get our minds in class. It was a fun experience as it is something I will always remember but one that didn’t make me want to try yoga again.

But then, I did. I tried yoga a second time when there was a lot of emotional stress in my life and I saw corepower had a groupon of one month unlimited yoga and so I began to go. And I went everyday, sometimes a couple of times a day. It was an escape for me and an incredible workout.

Yoga does more than just focus on your breathing.

1. It improves your athletic performance

2. Improves your overall quality of life

3. Improves your short term memory

4. Increases your muscle strength and tone

5. Helps boost your immunity system

6. Increases mental concentration

7.Improves quality of sleep

8. Gives you more energy

9. Better mental clarity

10. Improves skin tone

11. Improves self-esteem

12. Improves posture

13. Improves your balance

14. Improves your flexibility

15. Greater physical stamina

16. Helps to shred excess fat

17. Increased general productivity

18. Slows down the aging process

19. Improved the ability to deal with stress

20. Reduces your risk of memory loss, anxiety, obesity, cancer, stroker, heart disease, back pain, injury, depression, drug dependency…

I can personally vouch by all of these. I never saw myself being able to say that but I can truly say that with a honesty and I have never felt better physically and mentally.