By now, you are probably well on your way to planning the best day ever, literally ( I cannot wait to plan my day). The venue has been selected, your coordinator called in, the photographer has been chosen, and slowly all of the details are falling into place. But, you haven’t given any thought to your rehearsal dinner. So, here is some information to help you plan your rehearsal dinner.

A rehearsal is what we call “the practice run” for the big day. This allows everyone in your bridal party and those in your family to walk down the aisle so they know where to go, who they will go with, and when they will talk before its “showtime.”

Traditionally, the rehearsal dinner takes place the night before the wedding. However, many couples are opting to do the rehearsal dinner several night before the wedding in order to take care of last minutes matters & to get a good night’s sleep!

The rehearsal usually takes place at the ceremony site and typically planned by the wedding coordinator.

1. Choosing a location for the gathering after your rehearsal: No rules on where this dinner, brunch or lunch can occur. It can be a fun and causal theme or an elegant affair. Mostly, it should reflect your personalities. The only tip is the pre-wedding festivities shouldn’t overshadow the big day itself.

2. Who to invite: The bridal party, include the parents and grandparents. As a courtesy, others tend to consider would be out of town guests and spouses/significant others of the bridal party.

Most of all, have fun, relax and savor every moment of this really exciting time of both of your lives!

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