I hadn’t heard about this flower until I was struck by what a beautiful bloom this could be for a wedding or any other event. It is recognized by its showy plume of feathery flowers and is a flower that brides should know about. It comes in many beautiful shades, like pale pink and cream to a deep red, and the graceful blooms will add a touch of romantic and whimsical feel to your bouquet whether you use the flower as a filler or as your primary flower. 

astilbe-6 astilbe-9 astilbe-10
astilbe-12 astilbe-13 astilbe-15 astilbe-16 astilbe-17
Astilbe-somethingdashing1 astilbe-somethingdashing2
astilbe-23 astilbe-24

Sorry for the late post today, I hope you have a lovely long weekend!