I am a bit late on posting about my trips but can I just say the last few weeks have been so hectic I feel like I have been go go go lately that it’s so nice to sit and enjoy home a bit. I had the most incredible time touring Europe this summer on two separate occasions. I feel so fortunate to have family in Europe that I can visit them and go do some traveling of my own as well. First, let me tell you how stunning Greece was. Santorini is often talked about as a “must-visit destination” because much like Venice or Paris, there is simply no other place quite like it.

The island is home to some of the world’s most luxurious hotels, but it also has plenty of hostels. As far as food, there is delicious street food-especially the gyros (for only a couple of euros!) Santorini is most famous for their beautiful sunsets-oh and architecture! No matter what kind of person you are-a die hard romantic or zombie watching type of person-you are going to love the beautiful sunsets.






Let’s not forget about Mykonos-equally as stunning just different. I would highly recommend Santorini as a travel destination but more so as a honeymoon spot or somewhere to visit with a loved one. It is the perfect destination for some one on one time with someone close to your heart. Whereas Mykonos is more family oriented and for couples, it isn’t as secluded as Santorini is. In other words, Mykonos is a fun island that has a great buzz where Santorini is a stunning island that you’ll never forget. Mykonos has great beaches with beautiful sand and turquoise water.






If you’re interested in scenery, natural beauty, sunsets, romance, fine dining, wineries, boutique hotels and boat tours to nearby islands then I recommend Santorini. But if you are looking for beaches, nightclubs, dancing and partying then I suggest Mykonos (it reminds me of Cabo but in Greece so just much nicer). But if you have time for both, then I would say to visit both.

XO, Mel