If you’re thinking of having a bridal brunch, you have to steal this idea! Set your bar or bar cart with bottles of champagne, carafes of fresh juices and decorate with berry and citrus peel garnishes. Guests will love mixing up their own take on a mimosa or bellini (also a great idea for a wedding reception & one I have used at prior wedding planning). Hint Hint** don’t forget to keep everyone (and your pregnant mamas) hydrated with nonalcoholic drinks too. Fill a beverage dispenser with a refreshing cucumber-mint water or a mixed berry water, that way you won’t have to keep refilling glasses throughout the day.


Entertaining beverage dispenser, Everyday wine carafe, White Tray, Prosecco sparkling wine glass and Double old-fashioned glass, all from Crate & Barrel.


Who’s invited to the bridal shower? Bridal shower guests usually include the bride’s closest female friends and relatives and sometimes those of the groom (especially if his mother is hosting or helping to plan the party). All shower guests should be invited to the wedding, but that doesn’t mean that everyone who’s invited to the wedding has to attend the bridal shower. 

Does the groom attend the bridal shower? Grooms usually don’t attend showers-unless it’s a coed shower. Many women loved the “girls only” shower aspects (tea, lace and girl talk). But if you want your sweetie there, make it known you’d prefer to have a couple shower-a party for both of you with a coed list. If you want a traditional bridal shower but want your sweetie to make an appearance, nothing says he can’t! (I think I would want my sweetie there personally) 

Does the bride get an invitation or is her invite implied? Many bridal showers are a surprise, (even though she knows it’s coming at some point), so the bride doesn’t get an invite. You may want to set one aside for her (especially if the invites are super gorgeous) so she can include it in her wedding album. 







If you’re taking on the task of honoring a bride with a shower, start here to plan the perfect party (and be sure to check The Knot)

If you take the initiative to plan it, don’t plan the entire shower on your own. The best way to get help is to get everyone together and ask what each person wants (and can) help with instead of assigning tasks. Also, anyone who is hosting should be included on the invitation as well.

Make sure you organize a theme or group activity so the bride doesn’t feel uncomfortable or that the attention is focused on her solely. Before you begin planning games and activities, ask the bride if there’s anything she would be uncomfortable with. Consider bridal bingo, wedding jeopardy, the newlywed game, who said it and there are many others you can find here.

Do pick a date early on. It’s best to start in advance and pick a date so most people can attend. Depending on where guests live, they may need to make travel plans, but if most guests are local, then you will have more options.

Do ask the bride for the guest list, and make sure not to invite anyone who isn’t invited to the wedding.

Give some guidelines for gifts-come up with a theme for the gift giving that ties to the party. You can share the couple’s registry but let guests know they don’t have to just stick to that if they have something else in mind.

Serve something to nibble on such as light snacks or hors d’oeuvres and be sure to notify guests there will something on the invitations.

Do have a loose schedule (nothing too detailed or too strict) but something in order to keep the momentum rolling.

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