Hey girls! Did you your best girlfriend just get engaged?

Well…now is the time to give your best friend an unforgettable girls’ getaway, but the who, what, when, and where and how to plan a bachelorette is already giving you the spins. Fear not, I will help you through some steps that may alleviate the stress.

First off, consult your bachelorette (and the group) and find out what she has in mind. Does she prefer glamping to clubbing? Be sure to find a place that’s easy to get to and a destination that offers something for everyone at a price that won’t give the girls heartburn.

1. The invitation list should come directly from the bachelorette.

2. Who Pays What? It is traditional for the guests to chip in for the guest of honor (aside from travel expenses) but the group is expected to cover all activities planned. If you are in the maid of honor, it can be a nice gesture to buy festive favors and decorations but you can always get input from the other girls.

3.Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask for group discounts or even open bar options (since we all know how quickly a bar tab can add up!)


A few of my favorite bachelorette party destinations are Nashville, Tennessee for its country music venues, delicious Southern food, fun bars and the walkability of the city; Austin, Texas, for its live music of any variety scene, food truck scene, plus its close access to vineyards and lakes.

Napa Valley, California is so much more than any other wine town. It’s also more than just a wine town, you and your girls can treat yourselves to hot air balloon rides, spa treatments, or some of the best eateries (no joke). If you are looking to enjoy a low-key, wine-heavy party setting, then this is your destination.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is always an option if you’re looking for that spring break bachelorette party. It’s not just the nightlife though, there are restaurants, white sand beaches and decadent hotels. Not to mention the sunsets are stunning!

Charleston, South Carolina does attract a certain crowd. Here, you might experience an upscale, Southern-style nightlife and dining type of vibe. You may choose to stay in some of the stunning hotels or rent a beach house.

New Orleans, Louisiana will give you a very unique experience. It is a party-heavy atmosphere so if that is your thing grab a few tickets to the local jazz show, indulge in some of the best Cajun food and grab a balcony on Bourbon Street.

Miami Beach, Florida is another party destination. Collins Avenue and Ocean Drive supply some of the biggest nightclubs and most delicious menus. You may also choose to do something different while you’re in Miami. Consider chartering a yacht for the day instead of laying by the pool and getting even more drunk!

Las, Vegas because there is no greater partying territory than in Vegas itself. You can indulge in some of the finest restaurants, be pampered, head out to clubs and gamble all night. For some, this may be the perfect weekend.

Pictures taken from the wedding of Francesca & Tim, in Umbria, Italy