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 Who doesn’t love a little DIY project? These fun wine bottle candles are so cute and so easy to create. It’s time to gather up your empty wine bottles (or go buy some if you don’t have any), a few cans of spray paints and roll up your sleeves and get crafty!


  • clear wine bottles
  • smaller clear bottle of a similar shape for variety (check out World Market)
  • hot glue
  • taper candles
  • knife
  • large pot
  • gold paint (optional for decor)

Step 1: soak the wine bottles in hot water to remove the labels

Step 2: break the candles into various heights

Step 3: glue the candles into the necks of the bottles

To see a detailed explanation of the steps, go here.

If you’re reading this and you’re not getting married or planning a wedding, this crafty DIY project can be done for any event from Halloween to Thanksgiving to any dinner party you may be hosting. I definitely think I am going to get crafty with these for my next dinner party!