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Photography: Rachel Elizabeth Hogan (@rachelelizabethhogan)//Studio-Cupcakes: Cake Mix// Jacket: J.Crew (on SALE under $100)//

After spending my morning at the Shopstyle Collective breakfast at The London West Hollywood, I spent my afternoon decorating cupcakes at Cake Mix. What could be better than decorating cupcakes on a gloomy (yet warm) afternoon in LA? I’m not quite sure, although a glass of wine or some hot cider would have been just perfect, but the simple idea of spending my afternoon decorating cupcakes was just perfect.

With the winter holidays right around the corner, I thought it was only appropriate to theme my cupcake inspiration around just that, the winter holidays. I know some of us are cringing at the idea of winter (all the snow and the shoveling) but jumping up and down at the thought of getting our holiday gift ideas together. The people in LA will never understand how I was able to move to Colorado and enjoy every minute of the seasons and mostly the snow. I still remember getting excited to get bundled up and walk outside, taking a breath of fresh air and seeing the snow flake flurries. I’m sitting in LA, just thinking of when I will book my next trip to Colorado to enjoy that weather.

I collaborated with Cake Mix to come up with some winter themed cupcakes. Initially, I thought about doing the holiday season but quickly fell in love with the idea of just winter. Upon walking in to the studio, the staff was quick to greet us and help us get started. We were walked through the process of choosing what flavor cupcakes we wanted (marble or confetti), choosing 3 butter creams, choosing 2 fondants and lastly 2 scoops of goodies from the goodie bar. With that, you are open to exchange a buttercream for a fondant should you need more fondant as long as it hasn’t been opened. How great is that?

If you’re having writer’s block and unsure on how to decorate your cake or cupcakes, not to worry as there is so many ways to get your inspiration from book ideas, a wall of inspiration and even from your peers. There are people in the studio making astonishing cakes and there are families in the studio spending time with loved ones. No matter your level of creativity, you can no doubt find inspiration and create your own masterpiece.

With cooler temperatures in the horizon and weekends trying to find a fun activity, come spend it at Cake Mix. What can be better than they creating the product and you decorating it?? Whether you’re trying to throw an incredible party, enjoy something unique, or gift cupcakes or cake to a holiday dinner, come test your creativity as you decorate a cake or cupcakes. For more information on how it works and pricing, check Cake Mix out here or come on in to the studio!


**Sponsored post by Cake Mix