Why Sundance? 

We had just come back into town from Colorado on a Sunday and on a Tuesday, we decided let’s head to Utah to ski. We had friends staying in Deer Valley but we decided to try something new and visit the beautiful and small town of Sundance. Sundance radiates through the “art of untouched nature through skiing, snowboarding, biking, hiking and fly-fishing” & it really is just that. If you’re looking for quiet and beautiful nature, this place is just it.

Where to stay: 

Well, you don’t have much choice other than to stay at their resort itself. They have three types of accommodations for rooms and suites. They offer a cabin-like feel which is what we decided to do. The cabin we stayed in very much had a rustic feel to it. There were no upgrades in the cabin such as small tvs, wood burning fireplaces, and everything the cabin was made of was wood. If you’re looking for larger rooms and some upgrades, consider the River Run cottages or the Pines.

Where to eat: 

Tree Room  This is the higher end restaurant that you can find at the resort. Here, you can enjoy the rustic but romantic atmosphere of candlelight and beautiful Native American art from Robert Redford’s private collection.

Owl Bar This is a restored 1890s bar that was moved from Wyoming to Sundance. On the weekends, they offer live music from local artists. You really feel like you’re in a small town.

Foundry Grill  Probably the place you might be eating most at as they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even if you don’t end up eating here, I recommend you check out the room itself.

What to do: 

Skiing, I find that to be a given. But if you’re an avid skier, you will not ski Sundance as much as you would ski Beaver Creek, for instance. The mountain is small and the chair lift is not a high speed chair making the time you spend on a chair lift, much longer. There are 3 chair lifts and about 40 runs. When we were there, the weather was extra cold (and I mean freezing) so our ski day didn’t last much longer than a few hours.

Night Skiing-We didn’t get a chance to get around to doing night skiing because the weather was just too cold. It would drop to the negatives at night and the thought of being freezing during the day with as many layers as I could get on, I just couldn’t bear the thought of the nighttime temps. But this is definitely something I want to try on my next visit (spring time).

Zipline-So, this looks amazing and an absolutely must! (waiting for the spring weather). I think the thought of high winds coming at my face on a really cold day kinda turned me away from this but it looks so amazing. While you’re skiing, you just get in line (with a reservation) to do zipline for an hour and then just get back on your skis. How cool is that?

Winter Fly-Fishing  I’ve never been fly-fishing but I think it would be a really unique experience and what better way than in a beautiful place.

Cross-Country-Looking for something a little different than skiing? Cross-Country skiing seems like the perfect kind of different. I like to think of it as hiking in the snow.

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