Healthier looking skin is at the top of every woman’s beauty wish list and your cleansing routine just got even better thanks to the new line of Kleenex Facial Cleansing products! Whether you’re getting ready for work or coming back from a night out, there’s a Kleenex Facial Cleansing product to help you feel your best throughout the day, no matter what you are doing. These innovative products help reveal your skin’s natural radiance so you can face every day feeling your best.

I always struggle to find cleaning wipes that aren’t too oily or that don’t have too much fragrance. Yet, after years of applying make up I have not found a wipe that I enjoyed until I found Kleenex. They are the perfect new addition to my skincare routine. Their new eye make up removers make it even easier to get all that make up off from a night out!

Growing up with Kleenex and buying their products for as long as I can remember make me more confident to buy products from a brand that I trust and know.

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Thank you Kleenex for partnering on this post.