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I have gone back and forth on whether to share something so personal to me, but I supposed when life gives you lemons you’ve got to try to make some lemonade. Those of you reading today’s post who have been in long distance relationships may be able to relate more closely. So, where to begin? Six years ago, I lived in a four bedroom apartment in college with two boys and a girl friend of mine. Initially being skeptical about living with guys, it ended up being one of the best experiences. Within six months, one of guys and I started dating after much flirting! I mean let’s be real, how could I not when I lived with two very attractive guys?  Like any relationship, we had our highs and our lows but I never loved someone so dearly. After college, I moved to Denver without having a job or knowing what I wanted to do in order to be closer to him. I was there for about a year but due to a change in jobs, I moved back home. We did long distance for about two years but long distance isn’t a solution to any relationship. We made an effort to see each other every 6-8 weeks, to talk daily and to keep things lively. And, we did just that. But, with time, we realized that unless we both had a solution to long-distance, we couldn’t continue to do the long-distance “thing”. It’s now been six months since we’ve been apart. I still care and love him just as much as I did 6 months ago. But, I still struggle to live without him. There are good days and there are some really bad days. I’m grateful for my friends who help ease the pain and serve as a distraction. I truly believe that if we are meant to be, life will bring us closer together (in terms of location). There are many factors as to why one of us couldn’t move to one place or another but there are things I’d prefer to keep private. I think it’s important to reflect on the fact that we all struggle sometimes, as much as we try to cover up how we feel. When life gives us lemons, we have to do our best to make lemonade. Some days I make lemonade and some days it’s just water. I’m very fortunate for the things and people in my life, but still today I feel like a big part of me is missing. I have made the effort to focus on myself, to become a better person. I have re-directed my energy to practicing and teaching yoga, to health and fitness & to my career both in real estate and with the blog. Thank you to all of your for supporting my blog and making me feel comfortable enough to share a part of my story with you.

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