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Dress: Lumier ($116)| Shoes: Schutz (similar here for under $80) | Bag: Tory Burch

The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself- Diane Von Furstenberg

As humans, we crave the feeling of acceptance, we yearn for the feeling of belonging and we are constantly looking for the approval of others. Half the year has past, many of us are looking at our New Year goals unsure if we will be able to check them all off. My biggest goal this year was finally feeling healthy (struggling with IBS for years!) and being happy with myself. If you read my post a few weeks ago (here), you might know this year has been quite the whirlwind for me. I can’t help but think we sometimes we prioritize our relationships with others over the relationship that we have with ourselves. When I was with Taylor, I was always and I mean always  making sure that he had everything that he needed, that he was well taken care of, that he was happy and if he needed anything at all I would drop what I was doing. But, it made me happy.

Friends may come and go, relationships may dwindle but in the end the relationship you have with yourself is forever. As hard it is sometimes to be completely content (because we struggle with social pressures, insecurities or just life), we can all benefit from a few learning strategies on how to self-love, self-care and most importantly listening to what your body needs.

  • Write. Write how you feel, where you’re at in life, what is bothering you. I can’t say that I follow this one but I find blogging as expressing myself in another way.
  • Take a break. Take a moment to yourself. Go sweat. Go to yoga. Exercise. Do something for you.
  • Sleep. We all need our sleep. Get the rest that your body is looking for.
  • Eat healthy. You need to maintain your body, so eat whole foods. Your body needs fuel to function, give it the right kind-the same way you give your car the better fuel, give your body the better fuel as well.
  • Erase the negativity. We all have friendships, relationships or “things” that create negativity in our lives. It’s okay to erase the negativity so you can find stillness.
  • Learn to say “No” more frequently. Sometimes we think we are superwoman (trust me I often feel like I can do everything but I simply can’t) and we can manage anything and everything but we can’t. Learn to say no and learn to enjoy spending time on your own. Contrary to what you may think, it’s quite nice.

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