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Denim (similar here and here) | Blouse (sold out similar here and also love this one) | Jacket (last season but similar here, here and love this one under $100) | Chanel Flats (similar here and here)

Photography: Christy Kendall Photography

In light of traveling today, I have rounded up my top traveling essentials.

Footwear for the plane: Other than the footwear that you come on the plane with. Bring a pair of socks or flip-flops which you will strictly use for walking around the plane with, or sitting in your seat when your feet start to get cold. Am I the only one who feels like I’m always freezing? I love getting myself a pair of comfy and affordable socks just like this pair (under $10 or 3/$18). Whatever you decide, just choose not to wear your regular socks to stay warm…because that’s gross.

Eye Mask & Ear Buds: I sleep on planes. Or, at least I try to. Sometimes, though, I need a little help. In my experience, nothing works better than an old-fashioned eye mask. They don’t usually last too long before the elastic wears out, or you lose one traveling. So, why not buy a couple. Here are some of my favorite items that help me get sleeping:

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Carry-On Cocktail Kit: If you’re already trying to get some sleep, why not add a shot of something to the rocks just before you’re ready for dreamland. These carry-on cocktail kits are perfect for traveling and why not get a few different “drinks” while you’re at it. Just order the liquor of your choice and leave it to the kit to do the rest.

Foam Neck Rest: Before you hit the hay and wake up with neck pain and maybe some back pain, make sure you grab your emergency foam neck rest. Order through Shopbop, and you’ll have your neck rest before your departure time.

Something to Keep Warm: So, not only do my toes get cold while traveling but I often feel cold all over. I have found that the use of pashminas, in other words scarves, come in the very best use and are so easy to store. You can go as basic as this fringe trim cape (under $50), go for a color block poncho (under $80), or splurge for a Burberry checkered poncho. I’ve also linked this Burberry dupe for just under $20.  Here are some of my favorites:

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Magazines, Books…. and whatever you can find to keep yourself busy for the duration of the flight. I always try to bring some dining magazines, or home improvement magazines hoping I will read them. I usually find myself talking to my neighbors, working or many times falling asleep.

Happy Traveling! Melanie Signature copy






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