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Let’s face it. Winter coats are a staple in your winter wardrobe. No matter whether you live in California, Florida or in the mid-west, winter coats are a simple staple. I’ve never really viewed a cost as part of an outfit. I’ve always dressed myself and then think about what coat I will wear. I realized that was a backward system to getting dressed. After living in Colorado for 5 years, I realized how important a winter coat was. If we spend so much of our winter wearing that coat, then shouldn’t we invest some money and effort into buying something that we love? True fact: I’ve never owned a pea coat even though I I think I’ve always wanted one because “everyone” had one. But, I strayed from the norm with this beautiful camel coat. I love the look, the warmth and not to mention the color is neutral. Because a coat is as much part of the outfit as what you wear underneath, I’m giving you three tips on how to find the perfect winter coat.
1. Find a color that you love
Of course, you can choose black, and there is nothing wrong with that! But, no matter what color that you choose, find something you really love and that when you wear it, you carry yourself well. Ultimately, the way you carry yourself in this coat, is how confident you will feel. And, based on my experience, when you carry yourself well, you usually get a lot of compliments!
2. Find a style that will best fit your style and body type. 
I suggest finding a style that you like before you decide what will fit your body type. For instance, the camel coat I chose (pictured above) may not work on you if you aren’t as tall as I am. In this case, something like this (also under $50), may be more something up your alley. Personally, I typically like to find coats that are tailored so they give me a shape. But in the case of this camel coat, I like the slim-cut as I have hips, the coat helps hide my frame. Don’t get me wrong I love my frame, but I don’t over to over accentuate it.
3. Be OK with investing in this jacket
I struggle with putting out a lot of money for clothing, but when it comes to staple pieces, I am able to justify the purchase. My biggest struggle is investing in OTK boots, I think they look silly on me. But, everyone keeps telling me I have the perfect frame for it-more like really long legs. But, no matter what it must come from within. Unlike OTK boots, a winter coat is meant to be worn over and over again. Be sure to find something that will last and that will fit well, if you decide to make it an investment. I spend a lot of time in cooler temperatures (like Colorado) thus making winter coats an important investment in my closet.
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Photography: Christy Kendall Photography