If there’s one style of dress I’ve fully embraced this season, it’s this flowy-like midi dress. I think back to my time in college when I would wear short dresses and  now I welcome midi dresses like this one more and more. I’ve been finding myself drawn to them more and more. I picked up this one and fell in love with the style. I recently picked up this one in a beautiful yellow off the shoulder, this flower print one and this one with a cold shoulder. I can’t wait to wear some of these this week in.

Dress | Valentino Heels (similar here) | Fendi Bag

II wanted to start Monday off a little different with some inspiration to get you through the week. It’s not uncommon in the world of social media to periodically get down when comparing oneself to another’s highlight. Instead of looking to others feeds for inspiration, we may sometimes be left feeling overwhelmed and discouraged instead. Whether it’s the never-ending flawless photographs, or the world traveling photo, social media can sometimes be daunting. In other words, it may “appear” that they have it all going for themselves.

Although, I am not immune to this occasional game of self-comparison, these few tips have saved me from self-doubt. Some people may have it easier than others. But, it’s important to remember that everyone’s story and path is unique to them so we have to consider there are always different life circumstances with every experience. Sometime, I struggle seeing other users who may appear to be doing better than me or may seem like they have it all, meanwhile I am working hard to make sure that I am doing everything right. I’m sharing three tips on how I deal with self-comparison whenever I sense doubt.

Know your own path-

Once we understand our own path and appreciate our gifts in life, we tend to worry less about what others are doing. When I feel down or find myself comparing to other bloggers, I reflect that my path is unique to me and it’s my story at the end of the day. No one shares the same story as you. Make it your own and be proud of it.

Take a moment for yourself-

Sometimes we need a break from social media. We are completely immersed in social media every day, whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or the web. Sometimes we feel down and unable to remain positive, then it may be time for a social media break. There is nothing wrong with taking a little break. Let your peers know and checkout for a week or two. It’s important to get to a place where you feel confident, positive about where you stand and content with your path.

Celebrate your peers-

I think this is so important in every career and path of life. When we celebrate another individual’s successess and achievements, not only do we feel better but it also open the doors to the possibility of uniting together. Although we may believe we are all mighty on our own, we are almost unstoppable when we come together. Ask that peer you’ve been wanting to ask for advice or to meet up for a quick cup of coffee. We accomplish more when we support each other and when we unite.


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Photography: Jenn Wu Photography