Red Dress | Bag (less expensive version here) | Valentino Shoes (less expensive version here) |

I wore this red flutter dress (sold out but similar here) a few nights ago when I was at dinner with my parents. The margaritas were coming around, tons of guac (but you can never have enough) and the music sounded as we caught up on our separate vacations. As we talked and talked, I found myself swaying back and forth wanting to dance and this dress just gives you all the reasons to want to dance. More so than dance, I really want to take a salsa class!

I remember back in college when my boyfriend tried to teach me to salsa, we had so much fun but I don’t really remember much of it. One to many margs, you could say! But, I’ve added it to my bucket list for this year to take a salsa class. The one problem I’ve encountered is the partner part of the salsa class, which I don’t currently have but there’s 6 months left to the year.

If you’re not into salsa dancing, this dress is still perfect for a weekend getaway in Napa, an engagement party or Mother’s Day Brunch. I also found a dupe pair of the Valentino heels for a much better price than the real ones.