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1. Prepare for Monday on Friday-Mondays tend to be extra stressful from work that piled up the afternoon before you left for the weekend on the previous Friday. For many of us, it’s hard to jump back in to the swing of things. To help ease the anxiety on Monday, try taking care of a few of the dreadful tasks on Friday afternoon rather than leaving them to do on a new work week, that way you leave it behind you with the previous week. If you have a task that causes you more stress on Monday morning, try taking care of it sooner rather than later so you don’t have a black cloud hanging over your head. 

2. Make a list of things you are looking forward to-We often look at the week ahead of us with an endless tasks list and all the tough stuff that we have to do. Try turning that around and Sunday evening before going to bed, make a list of all the things you are looking forward to. if you can’t seem to come up with at least a few things, perhaps it’s a sign that you may want to change things up. 

3. Unplug for the weekend-If you can or have the luxury to do so, try to avoid checking emails or voice mails over the weekend. If you don’t think you will respond until Monday anyway, why not leave those emails and tasks until Monday morning. Though it may be tempting to know what’s going on or what you might be missing, it’s important to draw a boundary between work and personal time. 

4. Make sure you get enough sleep and wake up early-Get to bed a little earlier on Sunday night knowing that you are getting a full night of sleep so that you can wake up feeling extra rested and prepared to take on the new week. Take the time to enjoy breakfast, do some exercises, take the dog for a quick walk, are all things that can help you feel more centered for the rest of the day. I’ve noticed a significant different when I get up an hour earlier and take some time for myself and how it affects my attention at work.**

5. Dress for success-Use Monday as the day to wear your favorite outfit or your favorite new outfit. This can help build your confidence around the office and even get you a few compliments from co-workers. When you look good, you tend to feel good. And, feeling good on a Monday morning is half the battle because instead of not wanting to be there, you have the urge to excel. Try showing and sharing your happy spirit with those around you creating a positive vibe all around. 

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Photography: Christy Kendall