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I wanted to take the time to elaborate a little bit more on this exciting journey that is to come for the first six months of the year-that being the bikini competition. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to make this a part of “Something Dashing” as the blog focuses on fashion and travel but I decided that this show will heavily reflect on a challenge that I have set for myself for 2018, a commitment to myself and choosing a healthy lifestyle which are three things you can apply to yourself in one way or another. It doesn’t have to be committing to a show, like I’ve chosen but it could focusing on getting up a little earlier to take your dog for a longer walk (which I also need to do), or committing to drink at least a liter of water a day. Something big or small. I would say find at least one thing, big or small, that you can find yourself committing to this next year and something you can apply to your daily life.

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I’ve been thinking about this competition for a little over a year, but I never really had the push to sign-up. About six months ago, a friend of mine suggested it and I thought maybe now is the time but I need more time to prep. As the days went by, I gave it more and more thought and I began to really look into it. I began to search, or shop, for coaches that would fit well for what I was looking for-meaning someone who could help with nutrition, workout plans, posing, and the other details that go along with a show. I am currently down to two coaches and after this weekend’s LA Fit Expo, I will have a better idea of who I decide to go with. I will keep you updated as the process goes.

Currently, I am following a gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free diet. I am doing my best to maintain an all sugar-free diet which includes natural sugars and fruits. I have struggled with IBS for the last 7 years of my life and I have visited many GI doctors who each have suggested different treatments, but none of which have stuck or worked for me. As I began to follow this new diet, I began to feel different in my tummy and I felt more energized all around. So far, this diet has changed the way that I feel for the best. I won’t lie and tell you that the first two weeks, I was craving an orange or something sweet. It was hard. It usually takes about two weeks to break a habit, typically depends on each person. There were a few instances I had to cave and have a slice or two of orange. But the purpose of changing our dieting lifestyles is not to constrict ourselves but to make changes that will lead us to living a better lifestyle. If that means you’re craving a smoothie, I say have it. Due to the lack of sugar in my diet, I find that my struggles with low blood sugar levels are higher, so sometimes I have a serving of semi-sweet chocolate chips. I believe there is about 7g of sugar per serving but they are dairy and gluten free. They’re so good! I don’t know if my coach will allow these but until then I will take full advantage!

Most preps are about 16-20 weeks depending on where your body falls. Despite the coach saying I could do a 16 week prep, I think that I would feel more comfortable knowing that I am doing a 20-week prep and allowing my body to change in a decent amount of time. The first part of the prep is to gain muscle (in other words bulking) and from there coach will help me cut, which means lose fat and lean out. These are all details that I will share when I get more info!

I am really excited to share this journey with you! I will share the good times, the bad times, what works for me and what doesn’t. Make sure you follow me at #thebikiniandi on Twitter and Instagram for updates and recipes regarding the competition. If you have any questions or want to chat, don’t hesitate to comment or email me at



Photography: Christy KendallĀ