As a quick follow-up to last week’s post, see here, I officially decided what coach to hire. I thought I knew who I wanted to go with, but having spoke with a good friend who’s opinion I respect highly he told me to look into a couple others. I went to the TheFitExpo and met with a coach that I spoken to on the phone the week before and felt comfortable enough to sign up with them! As a rookie, their team offers a one stop shop for people like me who need as much guidance as possible these next 20 weeks. I am super excited but also very nervous of what’s to come these next few months.  It’s by far the hardest challenge I’ve ever committed to. At the end of the day, if you fail the only person you fail is yourself. For 2018, we’re here to win it and commit to ourselves. If it takes baby steps, then take as many as you need to lead you to your goal.

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Flared Pants | Knit Crop Top | Clutch | Heels 

I’m so fortunate to have a roommate who has decided to ride along this journey with me. Not everyone will always support or agree with your decisions, but I find it important to stick with people that do. She has decided to meal prep weekly, eat similar diets-obviously I don’t blame her if she wants a plate of pasta! But, she’s agreed to be a part of this journey and I am already so fortunate to have someone I can lean on and who will assure me the bad days will only get better and get me closer to my goal. Not to say that my family isn’t supportive, they are 100%, but it’s always different when you live with someone who could potentially live a complete opposite lifestyle.

I can’t quite figure out what is happening with our winter this year. Sometimes I wake up and think I can wear my winter clothes but sometimes I wake up and its 80 degrees. Lately, when I shop, I look for clothing that I can wear to more than one occasion, instead of having a wardrobe for going out, work, dinner, and so on. One of my favorite go-tos are these flared pants or culottes that I have been really into lately. I used to be very much so into denim, but have stirred away and drawn closer to pants that I can wear to work and then out with the girls. When I tried this pair on, I just loved how silky (literally) soft it was and the darker shades are perfect for winter but will flow into summer.

Although I tend to shy away from heavy prints, I have been stirring closer to a light pant pattern that I can pair with a neutral top, like this one. I paired this look with some simply strap black heels and a clutch with a little bit of a detail. Nothing too heavy, but not too light-just right in between. I’ve linked some of my favorite floral pants (like this one) and neutral crop top and sweaters to match. I also just found this cute clutch that is currently on sale!

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Photography: Christy Kendall