So, I said I would share the good and the bad when it came to signing up for the bikini competition and today is sharing a little bit of how I have been feeling so far. Last week, I mentioned that I had chosen my coaches and officially had gotten everything together. As of today, I am still waiting on my nutrition and workout plans from my coaches but should be receiving any day now. Even though I don’t have those plans, I have still been meal prepping very clean food. On last week’s menu, we had prepared eggs for breakfast, turkey burgers for lunch and chicken, rice and zucchini for dinner. By day 3, I was struggling to eat my chicken. It just felt so boring. It almost came down to counting how many more bites I had left which left me a little down. I had a moment of what did I sign up for? After some sulking I remembered my purpose and knew that I had to mix things up (in terms of my diet). That meant cooking chicken in different ways so it wasn’t always the same consistency. I also had a major cheat day on our road trip home and now I feel awful. It’s truly remarkable how eating clean affects our bodies in such a positive way.  Not gonna lie, I am pretty nervous about receiving my nutrition plans but I have to keep reminding myself of my intentions. This is why I started. And, this is why I will finish.


. I am hoping I get my nutrition and work out plans in the next few days, and I will share my routine once received. Despite last week being a tough one, I am starting this new week on a fresh start. Thank goodness for Pinterest helping me choose my meals for the week. And, thank goodness for my coaches who are going to help me conquer and win. To clarify, winning to me will be to get in the best shape of my life, learning about myself mentally and physically, and getting on stage (without tripping ideally!). I loved that when the first time I spoke to my coaches, I asked Joe “Do you think I can accomplish this?” and he said “You will win just making it to the show date, and if you place that’s great but the best part will be the journey”. I couldn’t agree more. That pretty much sums up my life update regarding my training. Stay tuned for more updates!


Photography: Christy Kendall 

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