Hi Everyone! I’m Melanie, a twenty-something blogger living in Los Angeles.  In October of 2014, I decided to create Something Dashing as a place to document the things I love and a way to showcase current trends in fresh and inspiring way.  By living in several different cities and my love for traveling, I tend to add a dose of global influence to my wardrobe.

Thank you so much for reading!  

For inquiries or love letters, please email me at melanie@somethingdashing.com

As promised, I am sharing some fun facts about me.  I love being able to share these little things with you as I find them to be so valuable in how you perceive me as a person.


Hobbies? Yoga + I recently got certified and did my teacher training with Corepower Yoga and I would highly recommend it to anyone! I love traveling and exploring-I think it helps define us as people the more we are exposed to new places and new cultures. I love spending time outside and being able to try new things in LA-even being born and raised here I find there are so many things I have yet to do. I no longer live in snowy and beautiful Colorado but I love skiing and every year my family and I make at least one trip out of it.

Favorite things? Family, Cooking, White Wine, Starbursts (total weakness), and hosting people for dinner parties.

Favorite restaurants in Los Angeles? I’m not sure I could name just a few but I love Sushi Roku (a lot more low key than Katana), Gjelina and The Tasting Kitchen and South Beverly Grill (I think I know the menu by heart!)

Least favorite things: being late- I am probably always early to everything I attend or need to be.

Something random? I am a dual citizen where I have a passport for the US and Belgium. I also have two dimples on the back of my shoulders (try looking for them in my photos) but often times people mistake them for bruises.

Feel free to email me with any questions, I would love to answer them! melanie@somethingdashing.com


**All recommendations on this blog are a true representation of my style. Some of the items featured may be sponsored or gifted, but I will be sure to let you know and always give you my honest feedback.

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