5 ways to beat the monday blues

5 ways to beat the monday blues

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1. Prepare for Monday on Friday-Mondays tend to be extra stressful from work that piled up the afternoon before you left for the weekend on the previous Friday. For many of us, it’s hard to jump back in to the swing of things. To help ease the anxiety on Monday, try taking care of a few of the dreadful tasks on Friday afternoon rather than leaving them to do on a new work week, that way you leave it behind you with the previous week. If you have a task that causes you more stress on Monday morning, try taking care of it sooner rather than later so you don’t have a black cloud hanging over your head. 

2. Make a list of things you are looking forward to-We often look at the week ahead of us with an endless tasks list and all the tough stuff that we have to do. Try turning that around and Sunday evening before going to bed, make a list of all the things you are looking forward to. if you can’t seem to come up with at least a few things, perhaps it’s a sign that you may want to change things up. 

3. Unplug for the weekend-If you can or have the luxury to do so, try to avoid checking emails or voice mails over the weekend. If you don’t think you will respond until Monday anyway, why not leave those emails and tasks until Monday morning. Though it may be tempting to know what’s going on or what you might be missing, it’s important to draw a boundary between work and personal time. 

4. Make sure you get enough sleep and wake up early-Get to bed a little earlier on Sunday night knowing that you are getting a full night of sleep so that you can wake up feeling extra rested and prepared to take on the new week. Take the time to enjoy breakfast, do some exercises, take the dog for a quick walk, are all things that can help you feel more centered for the rest of the day. I’ve noticed a significant different when I get up an hour earlier and take some time for myself and how it affects my attention at work.**

5. Dress for success-Use Monday as the day to wear your favorite outfit or your favorite new outfit. This can help build your confidence around the office and even get you a few compliments from co-workers. When you look good, you tend to feel good. And, feeling good on a Monday morning is half the battle because instead of not wanting to be there, you have the urge to excel. Try showing and sharing your happy spirit with those around you creating a positive vibe all around. 

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My favorite 6 Beaches in LA

My favorite 6 Beaches in LA


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Sharing 6 beaches you should visit in LA:

For the hopeless romantic: El Matador Beach-This beach is located about 10 miles northwest of Malibu. The secluded pocket beach has rocky shores, robust waves and some of the prettiest waters in LA. Let’s be honest, it’s not as pretty as the Bahamas but for LA, it’s as good as it gets. Don’t be deterred from the rugged path to the beach or lack of facilities, once you get down to the beach and settle in, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy the sunset with a bottom of wine. *highly recommend for any shoot (engagement, babymoon, wedding, or a simple shoot). 

The perfect surf spot: Malibu Surfrider Beach-As the waves roll in and begin to curl near the shore, surfers paddle quickly to catch those beautiful California waves. If you’re looking to surf, this is the beach you want to check out. Sometimes, it’s easier to just be a spectator and enjoy the surf vibe than try to fight surfers for the waves. *Note, you don’t have to be an experienced surfer, I’m pretty sure that I learned to surf at this beach a few years back. Although I wish I could say I liked it, surfing is not for me. 

The “Classic” LA Beach: Santa Monica Beach-This is one of the most popular and visited beaches in LA. It is located just north of the Santa Monica Pier and is about two miles long. There is plenty of space to set up for the perfect beach day, or set up for a volleyball game or simply go for a beautiful bike ride down the boardwalk. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, a beach towel and some spare cash for parking. And, some water! If you’re looking for something quick and easy, this is the beach you’ll want to check out! 

The People Watcher Beach: Venice Beach-This is the place where you’ll find infamous bodybuilders, chainsaw jugglers, endless palm readers, folk artists and an array of characters. To be honest, this is one of my least favorite beaches as it is very touristy and sometimes becomes a bit trashy. It attracts a certain crowd and personally I prefer to Santa Monica if I am looking for an easily accessible beach. Despite it not being my favorite, I still recommend checking out. Even though it isn’t my cup of tea, it might be yours. 

The Getaway: Manhattan Beach-It’s all beautiful people, fancy cars, families, couples and puppies on leashes. It’s a trendy area in a low-key beach town, if that makes sense. This is one of my favorite beaches to go to. Though, I do love Malibu-it doesn’t have a town quite like Manhattan Beach does. On the sand, you’ll find beach volleyball courts that seem endless, body surfing near the pier, your early morning surf goers and your early morning risers that walk the boardwalk. If you’re planning to eat, I recommend The Post and The Strand. And, if you have space for dessert, be sure to check out Manhattan Beach creamery. 


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At home with Capri Blue

At home with Capri Blue


If you come to my house, the one thing you will notice is that every single table will almost always have at least 1 candle! My roommate often thinks I’m crazy if tables have more than one candle on them. But I think it’s totally okay, don’t you? Here’s a look at home with Capri Blue. 

Though I have many candles brand that i love, Capri Blue has always been one of my go-to brands for candles and diffusers. I usually get them at Nordstrom, Anthropologie and Amazon as of late. And, I can’t help myself to buy at least one when I come across them. Trust me, my roommate thinks I have candle problems. I will find a place for a candle if a table already has one sitting there.

Due to the luxury of working from home a few days of the week, I often find that candles burning while I work make for a much better day! I find myself moving around my house to work, sometimes I work on the kitchen counter, other times I am sitting in the living room with TV in the background but almost always do I have a Capri Blue candle burning in the background. There’s just something about a candle burning that puts you in the right mood, and sometimes gives you a sense of clarity (at least it does for me).

Capri Blue fragrances are unique yet vibrant in their own way. I recently rented a home in Denver and knew upon entering that there was a Capri Blue candle or diffuser in the home. Surely enough, there was a volcano diffuser sitting in the living room and knew it was time to get Capri Blue back in my home. One of my favorite fragrances is VolcanoIt smells like tropical fruits and sugarered citrus. Second to Volcano, I love Aloha-Orchid and the smell is more subtle with flowers like gardenia, orchid and jasmine. I love burning this candle in the evening right before I go to bed.

Capri Blue candles and products are subtle yet strong enough to provide my home with the perfect ambiance for me time or when I have company. Often times, I find myself buying candles contingent of the season, but with Capri Blue, I find that they compliment any season. Not only do they smell incredible, but they are so decorative that I find they add a special touch to my home! P.S. my favorite is the watercolor collection specifically aloha orchid and modern mint

Be sure to check out their website for soaps, lotions, room sprays and more! There are so many products worth getting! If you’re looking for a gift for a friend or even for yourself, I highly recommend gifting Capri Blue. It’s the perfect staple to any home and what better gift than a candle. 

Thank you to Capri Blue for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are 100% honest and completely my own. 

Golden Hour

Golden Hour

Today, I am sharing a few tips on how you can gain confidence in your life:

  1. Define what you want and who you want to be.
  2. Set goals to measure progress.
  3. Acknowledge your shortcomings but don’t allow yourself to dwell on them (or bring you down).
  4. Reward yourself responsibly when you hit your goals.
  5. Repeat positive behavior.

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Hi friends! So first off, I have been trying to share on my stories my journey leading up to my first 5K race as best as I can. This past Saturday, I ran my first 5K which honestly felt like a marathon to me. My whole life I didn’t love running at all. In high school, I chose to be on the swim team so I wouldn’t have to run in PE, not a joke. But, it was my intention to set a goal and become confident in being able to get there. In yoga, you are often asked “what is your intention” and as of late mine has been “follow through, don’t quit”. More so than not, we set goals for ourselves and we don’t always follow through or we often say “I am going to do….” instead of “I will have this done”, do you notice yourself saying this at all?

With that, I decided I would sign up for a 5K and train as much as possible and try to enjoy running. The result of all of this is if you put your mind towards something, you can do it. It’s more about mental power than the physical power. You must be confident that you can succeed. Although, I felt disappointed in how my legs were cramping during my run, I have to look at it as I finished and I didn’t quit. I finished as 6th in my category of 16. So, I suppose for the first time that wasn’t all that bad but we are our own worst critiques. Instead of dwelling, I immediately signed up for my next race during breast cancer awareness month. If you are in LA and want to run or walk a 5K, you can join my team here, name of the team is “Save the Tatas.”

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I decided to team up with some of my favorite bloggers and bring you a Nordstrom Giveaway. One lucky reader will win a $1,000 gift card to Nordstrom. To enter, please use the widget below.Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Spring Skin Care Must Have Products

Spring Skin Care Must Have Products

Over the past few years, my haircare and bodycare routine has become as regimented as my skincare routine. I can still remember a time when I couldn’t get my hair to grow past my shoulders without looking healthy, let alone without visible split ends. It’s been several years that I have been doing the Japanese hair flattening treatment to my hair. Before that, I used to use heat on my hair every day (blow dryer, flat iron, curling iron), and was way to aggressive with my hair. Though I don’t color my hair, I do still do the straightening treatment about every 9-12 months. The biggest thing I did was to leave my hair alone, and let it air dry. I’ve really switched around and never really committed to a brand until recently I discovered Moroccanoil Fleur D’Oranger Collection. It first started with trying the collections’ shampoo and conditioner, which led me to try the rest of the collection, which I am now completely addicted to. Keep reading to see my current five products for achieving a healthy hair care and body care routine.

As someone who has always had skin complexity on the dryer side, I find myself always looking for products that address dry skin. As I started searching for a good product in Moroccanoil’s Fleur D’Oranger collection, I found the shower milk otherwise known as body wash very hydrating. It leaves my skin refreshed and revitalized delicately fragranced with an orange blossom scent. Part of my daily routine is making sure that I always carry my hand cream with me. Scented like the shower milk, the weightless hand cream absorbs quickly to protect the hands and leaving them soft and supple. With its natural gifts of argan oil and avocado oil, along with mango and shea butters, it allows to repair dry hands. These two products have become my favorites for treating dry skin.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of the post, Moroccanoil’s shampoo and conditioner were the first two products that I tried in this collection. I was in search of a good conditioner that would add shine and moisture to my hair. I like to use the shampoo and conditioner duo a few times a week and mix in other products so that my hair doesn’t become to used to it and can still benefit from the products. It’s like a really good moisturizer for your face but for your hair. You can expect your hair to feel silky, soft,  smooth and healthy.

I tend to forget to use exfoliate my skin. Whenever I go visit my esthetician, she often reminds me to exfoliate but to be honest I think I can count on one hands the amounts of times that I have actually done it. I’m grateful that Moroccanoil’s Fleur D’Oranger collection features a body souffle.The product provides for great hydration benefits.

These are my five go-to products that I can’t get enough for spring. As I mentioned above, for shampoo and conditioner I switch back and forth (from drugstore brands to Sephora brands). Right now, I love the Moroccanoil’s shampoo and conditioner for moisture and shine throughout my hair. I feel like my hair is as soft as it is when I leave my hair salon.


Thank you to Moroccanoil for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.