Something Minnie

Something Minnie

 It’s been a little bit since my last post but I wanted to share with you guys and update on #TheBikiniandI. It seems as though so much has changed in such a short amount of time. It’s officially been 17 days since I started my prep and I am still 15 weeks out from my show date. It’s A LOT! My good friend is about 17 days out from her show date and I am so excited for her! She is half the reason I decided to commit to do this show on my own. I had previously thought about a show but never did I think i could do it. But, it’s like anything “if you put your mind to it, you will see rewards”

The first week of prep was hard. I didn’t really know my quantities and I wasn’t prepping everything in tupperware the night of. I have since learned that to make my life SO much easier, I take the time to measure things out individually and prepare them as I meal prep. It makes for a less chaotic work week.
Currently, my life seems a bit overwhelming. I eat about 7 meals a day, sometimes i don’t know where I will fit the next meal. In addition to those 7 meals, I am to drink a gallon of water a day. I find myself using the restroom every 30 minutes, I can’t imagine what it’s like when you’re pregnant! All kidding aside, I am fueling my body in order to put the muscle that my coach has planned for me.
I had my first body-check in today and overall coach was happy with my progress. It’s hard for me to see a significant difference in my photos but I do feel stronger, leaner and my skin is glowing. The plan is to continue what I am doing for another ten days until I have another check-in. I am really hoping for a cheat meal but it’s unlikely that it is coming my way anytime soon. I can’t say I look forward to my meals, they are rather bland and quite boring. I am eating 4oz of ground turkey about 3 times a day, every day. That’s just an example.
I’ve also recently signed up for my first posing class, which I am rather scared about. Have you seen the girls posing? I haven’t figured it out yet. TBD. I will let you know how it goes. More of the fun stuff, I am picking out my bikini color this week. I will share more of that on my stories.
As far as my mentality, I feel good. The weekends seems to be the hardest because my regimen is less strict. I had some MAJOR sugar withdrawals this weekend and often find myself to be very forgetful. If you’re wondering what I had for my sweets cravings, a piece of pineapple.

My favorite 6 Beaches in LA

My favorite 6 Beaches in LA


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Sharing 6 beaches you should visit in LA:

For the hopeless romantic: El Matador Beach-This beach is located about 10 miles northwest of Malibu. The secluded pocket beach has rocky shores, robust waves and some of the prettiest waters in LA. Let’s be honest, it’s not as pretty as the Bahamas but for LA, it’s as good as it gets. Don’t be deterred from the rugged path to the beach or lack of facilities, once you get down to the beach and settle in, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy the sunset with a bottom of wine. *highly recommend for any shoot (engagement, babymoon, wedding, or a simple shoot). 

The perfect surf spot: Malibu Surfrider Beach-As the waves roll in and begin to curl near the shore, surfers paddle quickly to catch those beautiful California waves. If you’re looking to surf, this is the beach you want to check out. Sometimes, it’s easier to just be a spectator and enjoy the surf vibe than try to fight surfers for the waves. *Note, you don’t have to be an experienced surfer, I’m pretty sure that I learned to surf at this beach a few years back. Although I wish I could say I liked it, surfing is not for me. 

The “Classic” LA Beach: Santa Monica Beach-This is one of the most popular and visited beaches in LA. It is located just north of the Santa Monica Pier and is about two miles long. There is plenty of space to set up for the perfect beach day, or set up for a volleyball game or simply go for a beautiful bike ride down the boardwalk. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, a beach towel and some spare cash for parking. And, some water! If you’re looking for something quick and easy, this is the beach you’ll want to check out! 

The People Watcher Beach: Venice Beach-This is the place where you’ll find infamous bodybuilders, chainsaw jugglers, endless palm readers, folk artists and an array of characters. To be honest, this is one of my least favorite beaches as it is very touristy and sometimes becomes a bit trashy. It attracts a certain crowd and personally I prefer to Santa Monica if I am looking for an easily accessible beach. Despite it not being my favorite, I still recommend checking out. Even though it isn’t my cup of tea, it might be yours. 

The Getaway: Manhattan Beach-It’s all beautiful people, fancy cars, families, couples and puppies on leashes. It’s a trendy area in a low-key beach town, if that makes sense. This is one of my favorite beaches to go to. Though, I do love Malibu-it doesn’t have a town quite like Manhattan Beach does. On the sand, you’ll find beach volleyball courts that seem endless, body surfing near the pier, your early morning surf goers and your early morning risers that walk the boardwalk. If you’re planning to eat, I recommend The Post and The Strand. And, if you have space for dessert, be sure to check out Manhattan Beach creamery. 


Photography: Christy Kendall 



White Midi Skirt

White Midi Skirt

If I were to describe my dress code in one word, it would be feminine. It seems as though no matter the season or location, I tend to gravitate towards more feminine pieces. I find that I gravitate towards more dresses, skirts, and looks that I can dress up. My parents have told me that ever since I was a little girl, I would naturally find my way to the twirly dresses or ones that sparkled. It’s safe to say that things haven’t quite changed all that much.

This skirt has been one of my favorites since the even that I hosted with Alice & Olivia. I love that I can pair the tops with blush colors like this one or soft blues like this one, but also dark colors like this one and this one for a more evening look.

With this skirt being sold out, I’ve paired similar skirts that I love and can be paired with similar tops. I wore this look out to LA Fashion Week last week and it was simply the perfect occasion to wear this skirt to. After the show, my roommate and I walked across the street to have dinner at Zinque. If you’ve not been, you’ll love it and it will become your favorite local eatery. I love the neighborhood feeling it has and the intimate vibe the restaurant gives off. With the restaurant staff all speaking french, you sometimes feel like you could be in Paris eating at a cafe overlooking the Eiffel Tower. I recommend trying “Le Bowl” with chicken or the tuna tartare tartine. And, of course grab a glass of wine because why not?

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Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s Market







Dress: Lovers & Friends on sale (similar here & so cute $60)  | Shoes: Valentino (love these under $50 here) | Bag: Fendi (dupe under $100 here)

Photographer: Christy Kendall Photography

If there is one thing I love about the weekends, it’s the weekly farmer’s market that happens just a few miles down the road. It’s a small one but it’s on one of the cutest little streets in West Hollywood, Melrose Place. Melrose Place tends to be known as the “Rodeo Drive” of West Hollywood flooded with high-end designers and showrooms, yet less touristic and a bit more charming. If you get the chance to visit LA, I recommend adding this street to your to-do list. One of the big attractions on Melrose Place is Alfred’s Coffee, which is some of the better coffee I have had in this city. I used to drink Starbucks but since getting my Nespresso machine (currently on sale), I can’t really stand the smell of Starbucks nor the taste. Is anyone else on the same page? If you like coffee, try Alfred’s. It’s such a cute coffee shop (and you won’t leave smelling like coffee for days #sorrystarbucks).

After getting my morning coffee, I stroll along Melrose Place looking at all the different vendors that have come to display their produce. My favorite part is all of the samples. Am I not the only one? The fruit is so fresh and juicy. You question why the produce at Whole Foods isn’t quite as juicy. I love being able to buy directly from the farmers themselves. I think it reminds me of growing up and spending my summers in Europe. I love talking to the farmers, getting to know them and being able to come back each weekend. The other weekend, I spent my Sunday at the Highlands farmer’s market in Denver, which is equally adorable. What are some of your favorite things to grab from the market?

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walk in the park

walk in the park

IMG_1002IMG_1005IMG_1009IMG_1013 IMG_1034 IMG_1054 IMG_1060 IMG_1087

Denim: Current Elliott | Blouse: Similar here and here | Shoes: Valentino (similar here) | Bag: Celine (get this identical one for only $89) | Belt: Hermes (similar here) | Ring: David Yurman |

Happy Monday friends! I just spent a lovely weekend in Lake Arrowhead with some of my friends from college (more on this trip coming soon!). If you’ve never been to The Beverly Hills Hotel, I highly recommend putting it on your list while you’re here in LA. Consider being in the middle of a busy city, but you feel completely isolated with all the greenery and trees. It’s like a walk in the park, it’s simply heavenly.  It’s one of our city’s hidden gems. You don’t hear the busy traffic off of Sunset Blvd and barely the honking of cars.

While you’re there, head down to the pool area and have lunch at The Cabana Cafe. My favorite things on the menu are the Frozen Mojito, Truffle Parmesan Fries, McCarthy Salad and the Tuna Tartare. You can be as casual as you want while dining by the pool or get a little bit more dressed up. This pair of distressed denim has become my go-to pair of pants. I love that I can dress them casually with some espadrilles (on sale for $105) or dress them up with some heels. If you’re feeling something more along the lines of date night or a classy evening out, I recommend going to the lobby area for The Polo Lounge. There are some items from The Cabana Cafe that are their dinner menu. But, I’d recommend the Tortilla Soup, Rigatoni Bolognese (amazing!), Steak Tartare, Lobster and The Burger.

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Blush Top | White Skirt| Open-toe Booties | Bag (similar under $60 here)

Happy Tuesday! I’m getting really excited to show you the re-branding of Something Dashing really soon! I have loved working with Harper Maven Design. She is making my Pinterest dream a reality. Stay tuned for the reveal but in the meantime as you can tell I have been crushing on the blushes and creams as of late. This really cute criss-cross blouse is so cute and lightweight and is just under $50. The best part is your first order is 50% off! Plus, shift dresses are currently 50% off with code dream50 with the sale ending on 3/31.

For my locals, I am sharing a new restaurant I had the opportunity to try this weekend. Otium is located in Downtown LA and is truly a great restaurant with a great atmosphere. The restaurant is located right next to The Broad Museum (which we visited before dinner). With six of us at dinner, we were fortunate enough to be able to try many different shared plates. Some of my favorites were the big eyed tuna, cauliflower, the duck, Spinach Cavatelli and don’t forget to ask about their add-ons!

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