How To Use Like to Know It + The App

How To Use Like to Know It + The App is probably the best (and easiest) tool out there for both bloggers and non-bloggers. The cliff notes version is LikeToKnow.It, more commonly known as LTK, is a tool that helps you shop exact items from an Instagram post through either email or through the app. I’ll get back tot the app in a few minutes. As of lately, I have been getting a lot of questions about how LikeToKnow.It works and why my Instagram captions have links in them. I’ve had many friends and family reach out to me to better understand what LTK is and how it works. It may seem easy to us as users, but I know how confusing it might be if you’ve never been exposed to it. So, today I am sharing a step-by-step tutorial.
Coincidentally, over the weekend,  my mom tested me with a screenshot over a skirt and simply asked me how to get the skirt that was shown on the image. I knew just how important today’s blog post would be to my mom and to many of you who may still be lost. This blog post will cover all of your questions, and show you step by step how to shop everything I am wearing in my Instagram posts.

Why should I sign up for LikeToKnow.It? 

LTK makes it easy and convenient to shop anything that you see and like on Instagram (with the LTK link). For instance, if you’re scrolling through my Instagram and notice a bag that is on sale, you would be able to purchase that bag with just a few clicks.

How do I sign up?

Signing up can be done in just a few short steps, you simply need an email address and your name. Follow this link www,  and click “Sign Up” up at the top right of your screen. If you scroll down, there’s also a video “See How It Works” that will dive further into how to use LTK.

So, I’m signed up. Now what? 

Your closet will forever thank you but your wallet may not. Kidding, kind of! Head over to my Instagram and “like” any photos that has an LTK link in my caption (most of them). Within a few minutes, you will get an email with shoppable links that will bring you directly to everything I’ve linked in the photo you’ve liked. The email will be sent to the email that you previously signed up with so make sure you use an email you check often. The email will have a photo of all the items that I’ve linked so you simply click the item you were interested in and it will bring you directly to the retailer. If something is sold out or no longer available, I do my best to link an item that is very similar so you may have some options.

 But what about this app you mentioned? 

Not too long ago, RewardStyle launched their LTK app, and it is amazing and will change your life! Now, it is so much easier and faster to shop via Instagram. Once you’ve signed up for LikeToKnow.It, head over to the App store, search “LikeToKnow.It” and download the app! It’s really easy and free. Now, every time you “like” one of my pictures you can shop everything from the new app, instead of waiting for an email. All of your “likes” will be in one section that makes it easy to keep track of all the items you have an eye on.
Another option is you can screenshot a LTK enabled photo and shop within seconds. First, take a screenshot of the photo.

Second, you’ll get a push notification within seconds.
Lastly, click the push notification and it will bring you right to the app where you will be able to shop the items.
The last way you can shop my posts is by searching for “Something Dashing” in the search bar of the app and click “follow”.
By following me in the app, you will automatically have access to all of my posts. If you do have an Instagram, I recommend that you “turn on notifications” in order to get notified of when I post. This will help you stay up to date with Something Dashing’s looks.
Once you’ve signed up for LikeToKnow.It, you’re set to go. You can use these tips to shop any of your favorite bloggers or influencers. By liking or screenshotting any Instagram photo that start with “…” you will receive all of the details to shop the image. I hope this post have covered all of your questions and cleared up any confusion to using If you still need help, feel free to message me or email me and I will be happy to help.

{P.S. You can shop the photo above by clicking any of the items below and it will take you straight to the retailer}.



Work Life Balance Tips

Work Life Balance Tips

These days, work-life balance can seem nearly impossible. With technology, it makes employees available around the clock. You get an email at 9pm, and if you answer once, your employer will expect you to always be available. The fear of losing jobs makes for longer work hours. There is stress that comes along with the never-ending work day which can hurt relationships, health and overall happiness. I am sharing six work balance tips that work for me.

I frequently get messages or often asked how I am able to manage two jobs, and can’t help but chuckle. I don’t have a magic answer. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. But, there’s a reason why some people are looking for the easy way to tackle two jobs and there are those who are willing to put the effort in. I remember when I first starting my blog, I was juggling a couple of things. I had my full-time job and I had just started yoga teacher training which meant I didn’t come home until about 10pm most nights. But, I was hungry and I was eager to learn and launch my blog. So, until about 1am most nights, I would educate myself as much as I could. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a lot to learn about blogging. It is an ever-changing space and with social media constantly expanding and algorithms changing, there is always something to learn. At the time I was starting my blog, I remember friends asking me for the Cliff notes version of everything I had spent so much time educating myself about. I am always happy to help my peers out but there is a difference when someone is trying to use and when someone is genuinely interested in learning.

If you’re interested in my work-life balance tips, then keep reading below.

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  1. Limit time wasting activities and people. Identify what is important in your life at the moment. Take a piece of a paper and a pen and make a list. This will be different for everyone, your paper may not look like your friend’s piece of paper. But, that’s OK and normal. It’s important to identify your priorities and not someone else’s. Then, draw boundaries so you can devote quality time to these people and activities. From there, it will be easier to trim down in spaces that are wasting your time. We all have some place where we are wasting time. I recently was talking to my dad about this because I feel like I don’t have enough time. If you find yourself surfing the internet, you are wasting time. Find something else you might be able to do that will help you excel on your little piece of paper. Focus on the people and activities that reward you the most
  2. Start small. We all have those New Year goals (crash diets) that fizzle out within a couple of months. The same thing goes for work-life balance. If you’re trying to change something in your life, start small. When you experience success, then you can build from there. For example, if your goal is to run a 5k, don’t assume you will be running a 5k everyday. Take baby steps. Start with a quarter of a mile and build from there.  
  3. Unplug. Technology has helped our lives in so many ways but it has also created expectations of constant accessibility. Sometimes, it may seem like the day is never ending. There are times when you should just turn off your phone and enjoy the moment. One of my New Year resolutions was to stay more connected when I am with my family and my friends. With that, I usually turn my phone in night mode or leave it in my purse. When I go out with my friends, we have this silly rule where the first person to touch their phone has to pay for dinner or pay for a round of drinks. Try it!
  4. Exercise. This is so important to our health and overall happiness. Even when we’re so busy, we make time for the crucial things in our life. We eat. We sleep. One of the biggest things that usually gets pushed to the side is our exercise schedule. Exercise has been proven by many studies to be a stress reliever. It helps lift your mood and can help with overall sleep patterns. If you find yourself being too busy, start with taking a few minutes in the mornings or evenings to do some breathing exercises or download a yoga app and get a few movements in. Another benefit to my Apple Watch is there is a “breathe” feature that goes off a few times a day and also reminds you to move throughout the day to get to your calorie goals.
  5. Take a break. You might be busy and your job might be demanding but that doesn’t mean you can’t take some vacation time. It doesn’t always have to involve a week-long trip, but just a day out of the office can be enough to leave you refreshed and focused. Even during a hectic (or non-hectic) day, you can take 10 to 15 minutes to do something that will recharge your batteries. I love my Apple Watch because it is always reminding me that I need to get up and walk around for a little bit. I always find that getting out of the office for a few minutes a day and breathing fresh air allows me to stay focused at work.
  6. Get organized. I swear by being organized all the time. I have spreadsheets for just about everything. And, I swear by my google calendar to keep track of all of my appointments and deadlines. With my calendar, I am able to keep track of my content, when I need to shoot next, Mia’s appointments and all of my training for #thebikiniandi.



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Photography: Christy Kendall Photography 


Spring is here

Spring is here

 Spring is starting to make its presence here in Los Angeles and I can say that I am completely okay with it. Spring brings more light to the day, so earlier mornings and later evenings. These key elements which i find to increase overall happiness and productivity at work. I often find it so hard to get up early in the morning in the winter when it’s still dark out. With Spring comes pastel colored clothing, denim, and cute accessories like this Cult Gaia look a like bag. This bag will become a key accessory this spring pairing it with eyelet dress, denim looks and beach looks. If you’re concerned at all with people knowing what’s in your bag (like me), i bring a little scarf which I sneak insider to cover my important belongings and it makes for a decorative accessory.

With my #TheBikiniandI training, I find myself changing what I like to wear more often than not because of the way that my body is changing. Naturally, when you feel stronger and leaner, you are more inclined to wear fitter clothing and clothing that shows off your figure. No matter where you are with your body, it’s important to find clothing that you feel comfortable wearing and that flatter your body. I’ve recently gotten into mid-rise denim because I love that they are less of a waist hugging denim and more hip hugging. The pair that I am wearing here is by BlankNYC (under $100, size 26), and I loved the way they flattered my body and went so well with this eyelet blouse. This top with low-rise denim would be much harder to pair than with a pair of mid-rise denim. I linked some of my favorite mid-rise denim that aren’t too expensive and some of my favorite eyelet tops to pair with. I also love that these denim are skinny jeans, I’ve been leaning a lot towards straight denim similarly to straight pants or the culottes (seen here and here). This casual look can take you from day time meetings to evening happy hour with your special someone or friends. You can easily pair it with a moto jacket for cooler evenings.
Photography: Christy Kendall Photography


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Something Minnie

Something Minnie

 It’s been a little bit since my last post but I wanted to share with you guys and update on #TheBikiniandI. It seems as though so much has changed in such a short amount of time. It’s officially been 17 days since I started my prep and I am still 15 weeks out from my show date. It’s A LOT! My good friend is about 17 days out from her show date and I am so excited for her! She is half the reason I decided to commit to do this show on my own. I had previously thought about a show but never did I think i could do it. But, it’s like anything “if you put your mind to it, you will see rewards”

The first week of prep was hard. I didn’t really know my quantities and I wasn’t prepping everything in tupperware the night of. I have since learned that to make my life SO much easier, I take the time to measure things out individually and prepare them as I meal prep. It makes for a less chaotic work week.
Currently, my life seems a bit overwhelming. I eat about 7 meals a day, sometimes i don’t know where I will fit the next meal. In addition to those 7 meals, I am to drink a gallon of water a day. I find myself using the restroom every 30 minutes, I can’t imagine what it’s like when you’re pregnant! All kidding aside, I am fueling my body in order to put the muscle that my coach has planned for me.
I had my first body-check in today and overall coach was happy with my progress. It’s hard for me to see a significant difference in my photos but I do feel stronger, leaner and my skin is glowing. The plan is to continue what I am doing for another ten days until I have another check-in. I am really hoping for a cheat meal but it’s unlikely that it is coming my way anytime soon. I can’t say I look forward to my meals, they are rather bland and quite boring. I am eating 4oz of ground turkey about 3 times a day, every day. That’s just an example.
I’ve also recently signed up for my first posing class, which I am rather scared about. Have you seen the girls posing? I haven’t figured it out yet. TBD. I will let you know how it goes. More of the fun stuff, I am picking out my bikini color this week. I will share more of that on my stories.
As far as my mentality, I feel good. The weekends seems to be the hardest because my regimen is less strict. I had some MAJOR sugar withdrawals this weekend and often find myself to be very forgetful. If you’re wondering what I had for my sweets cravings, a piece of pineapple.

Holidays in Colorado

Holidays in Colorado


Our Colorado trip is an annual trip that my family and I have been doing since I was in college there. When I was growing up, we had a place in Mammoth Lakes but as the kids (me and my brother) grew older and went to college, my parents would come visit us where we went to school. At the time, I was the only one in college and they would come spend the holiday season in Colorado and we spent less and less time in Mammoth. Colorado feels like a second home to me, I have so many friends that still live there and there’s something about it that makes you feel like you’re at ease. As soon as I get off the plane and walk off the tarmac, I feel this sense of “ah it’s good to be back, fresh air, nice people and slower pace of life.”

For the past few years, we have been staying at the Ritz Carlton Residences. One of the best perks of the Ritz Carlton is they are super furry friends friendly, so we get to bring Mia with us. If you’re looking for the Disneyland type of feel of a hotel, then this place is not for you. But, if you’re looking for something a little more quaint but a car ride away from town, then I highly suggest staying here or the Beaver Creek area versus Vail.

There are two pieces that are my current go-tos for this winter, this jacket and this shoes (c/o Cole Haan) which are the best for morning walks with Mia and apres-ski playtime in the snow. The jacket is definitely an investment piece but if you are looking for a multi-functional jacket, this is what you’re looking for. For the shoes, they are waterproof and they keep you warm which are two big things when i am looking for winter shoes to bring with me to the mountains.




There’s something special to be said about this place, it’s calm and quaint and you truly feel like you are in a winter wonderland (when there’s snow). This year we got hit with not the best of seasons but we still made the best of it and in fact ended up extending our trip two times! We skied a good chunk of the time, even though only a few chairs and runs were open. But, isn’t there a saying like “make the best of the situation” and we truly did.

For restaurants, you may or may not believe this, but we ended up eating at the Ritz Carlton most times. They have two restaurants (WYLD and Buffalos) and between the two menus, it was easy enough to find something for everyone and for every day. Not going to lie that by the time we got home, I was about ready for a new menu! Because of how chilly it was, many patios were not open this time of year meaning that Mia was not welcomed in many many restaurants. Another small change from last year was we didn’t have our car due to a last minute family emergency that altered our plans.

Usually, if and when we have a car, it allows us to explore a little bit more (restaurants in town or different properties) and leave Mia in the car. However, this year we were limited to dog-friendly properties which were not that many. I can’t complain, it’s always so nice to get the family together and spend some time together in one of the more beautiful places.

I am currently planning out my 2018 travel and I can’t wait to share with you where I want to go and what has been booked so far!



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Lace Detailed Pants

Lace Detailed Pants

So, I said I would share the good and the bad when it came to signing up for the bikini competition and today is sharing a little bit of how I have been feeling so far. Last week, I mentioned that I had chosen my coaches and officially had gotten everything together. As of today, I am still waiting on my nutrition and workout plans from my coaches but should be receiving any day now. Even though I don’t have those plans, I have still been meal prepping very clean food. On last week’s menu, we had prepared eggs for breakfast, turkey burgers for lunch and chicken, rice and zucchini for dinner. By day 3, I was struggling to eat my chicken. It just felt so boring. It almost came down to counting how many more bites I had left which left me a little down. I had a moment of what did I sign up for? After some sulking I remembered my purpose and knew that I had to mix things up (in terms of my diet). That meant cooking chicken in different ways so it wasn’t always the same consistency. I also had a major cheat day on our road trip home and now I feel awful. It’s truly remarkable how eating clean affects our bodies in such a positive way.  Not gonna lie, I am pretty nervous about receiving my nutrition plans but I have to keep reminding myself of my intentions. This is why I started. And, this is why I will finish.


. I am hoping I get my nutrition and work out plans in the next few days, and I will share my routine once received. Despite last week being a tough one, I am starting this new week on a fresh start. Thank goodness for Pinterest helping me choose my meals for the week. And, thank goodness for my coaches who are going to help me conquer and win. To clarify, winning to me will be to get in the best shape of my life, learning about myself mentally and physically, and getting on stage (without tripping ideally!). I loved that when the first time I spoke to my coaches, I asked Joe “Do you think I can accomplish this?” and he said “You will win just making it to the show date, and if you place that’s great but the best part will be the journey”. I couldn’t agree more. That pretty much sums up my life update regarding my training. Stay tuned for more updates!


Photography: Christy Kendall 

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