25 things I learned from 25

25 things I learned from 25


25, you’ve been a good year. You started off tough but you’ve been an unpredictable year. It’s been a good one. 

This year has been one of change and growth. Around this time last year, I was in a tough place mentally after parting ways with someone I loved. It took time and energy to get myself back on my feet. As I end 25 on a two week trip to Europe, I reflect on where I was last year. I am grateful for all of the opportunities and struggles that have led to where I am today.

So to signify my 26th birthday, I thought I’d share my 25 lessons I’ve learned in 25 years.

  1. Stop apologizing so much.
  2. Invest in good make up. Your skin will thank you, and so will your future self.
  3. Buy yourself flowers.
  4. Always be kind because you never what the other person has been through/is going through. Besides the world can always do with a little bit of kindness.
  5. You don’t need to raise your voice to be heard.
  6. Be patient.
  7. If you don’t ask, you won’t get.
  8. Not everyone you meet will like you and vice versa. That’s life.
  9. Having the last word isn’t important.
  10. Call/Text your family and tell them how much you love them.
  11. Support those around you.
  12. Be true to yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others around you. You are on your path.
  13. Let go of the haters/the people that cause more upset than happiness. They’re not worth it.
  14. Give yourself time to do whatever it is that you love. Even if it’s 5 minutes.
  15. Reach out for help when you need it-there’s always going to be somebody who’s willing to listen and give a lending hand.
  16. Say yes to activities, whether it’s coffee with a new friend, an event or a party. You’ll have nothing to look back on if you sit at home.
  17. Get out of your comfort zone. Try something new. Sign up for Yoga Teacher Training.
  18. Put your phone down at dinner. Take time to have a real conversation.
  19. When someone asks you to take a weekend trip, take it!
  20. Maybe getting a dog isn’t the most logical idea, but it was one of my best ones for sure.
  21. Dream big and dream often.
  22. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do something or that you don’t deserve something. Even if that person is you. Believe in yourself.
  23. Find an outlet that you enjoy whether it’s reading, art or exercising.
  24. Giving a helping hand will make you feel good.
  25. However hopeless a situation may feel, things will change.

Alexis Dress | Heels | Bag




The dress you need for Summer

The dress you need for Summer

Summer is one of my favorite seasons to shop for. There are summer parties, BBQs, bridal showers, weddings and so many excuses to be outside enjoying beautiful weather. After a more wet than usual winter, I am ready to soak up as much Vitamin D as possible. Despite living in LA, the temperature can drop down in the 60s and feel pretty cool with the ocean breeze we get, not like Florida. I’m always looking for the perfect summer mini dress to wear in the summer, and I think I just about found it. This is the dress you need for summer because it has exactly what you need: length, lace and versatility! I love a good mini dress because you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion. Not going to lie, I’ve definitely worn this dress to work before! The versatility is a total must for when you travel. Plus, the detail in the lace is simply perfect. Don’t you agree?!

One thing that I love about this dress from Lovers + Friends but can also be found at Lulus.com in so many summer colors, is the fit. As someone who is taller, has wider hips and bigger boobs, I love that I can wear this dress and not feel like my boobs are overpowering. Plus, you don’t have to wear a bra! That’s a bonus!

I wore this lace mini dress to a dinner in Beverly Hills with some friends. It was one of those warmer summer nights that LA rarely gets. I was able to wear this dress without a jacket or sweater (rare!). I can’t wait to wear this dress as summer rolls around!




Motif x Something Dashing Jewelry Collection is Live!

Motif x Something Dashing Jewelry Collection is Live!

I’m excited to announce that my jewelry collection with Motif launched late last week! I’ve been working on curating my edit collection for the past month which features six pieces that I hand selected for their style, simplicity and femininity. All of the pieces can be mixed and matched and all are under $75! I love all of my pieces and I am excited to share it with you. You can see my online store and shop all of the pieces HERE.  

If you haven’t heard of Motif, they are a California based jewelry company that features collections curated by influencers. I had the opportunity to go to their launch party in Venice to meet with the people behind the brand and to get a first hand glimpse of the jewelry themselves. They’ve done a good job into creating versatile and unique jewelry at an affordable price. To learn more about Motif, you can read about it here.

Current Elliot Denim | La Vie Blouse | Heels (similar on sale under$60)

My collection can be worn in so many different ways but for this post I decided to pair the comet bangle and leaflet ring with a feminine monochromatic look. I love the delicate jewelry against the pink monochromatic look. These two pieces are actually the two least expensive of the collection with the bangle at $38 and the ring at $29.

| Dress |

I picked the double sided earrings because they were unlike anything I had ever tried or bought. It’s a statement piece that is not overwhelming but still glamorous. I paired these earrings with a bold white dress, they are one of my favorite pieces of the collection coming at $66.00. I love that you can wear the earrings with this dress or with a pair of jeans and some heels.

Teardrop Necklace

Blouse | Bird’s Nest Necklace ($47)

My favorite way to wear the Bird’s Nest Necklace is with a statement blouse. The piece is so delicate and soft that it can be worn with just about anything. In this specific outfit, I chose a bold statement blouse. I paired it with the comet bangle.

All of these pieces are now available in my customized Motif store. I hope you love the pieces just as much as I do. I spent a lot of time trying to come up with the perfect collection of pieces that would work well together but that would also look beautiful on their own. If you have any questions regarding the collection, don’t hesitate to email me or send me a note!

This post is in collaboration with Motif. Thank you so much for all the support on my curated jewelry collection! As always, all opinions are my own. 




Red Dress | Bag (less expensive version here) | Valentino Shoes (less expensive version here) |

I wore this red flutter dress (sold out but similar here) a few nights ago when I was at dinner with my parents. The margaritas were coming around, tons of guac (but you can never have enough) and the music sounded as we caught up on our separate vacations. As we talked and talked, I found myself swaying back and forth wanting to dance and this dress just gives you all the reasons to want to dance. More so than dance, I really want to take a salsa class!

I remember back in college when my boyfriend tried to teach me to salsa, we had so much fun but I don’t really remember much of it. One to many margs, you could say! But, I’ve added it to my bucket list for this year to take a salsa class. The one problem I’ve encountered is the partner part of the salsa class, which I don’t currently have but there’s 6 months left to the year.

If you’re not into salsa dancing, this dress is still perfect for a weekend getaway in Napa, an engagement party or Mother’s Day Brunch. I also found a dupe pair of the Valentino heels for a much better price than the real ones.


Favorite Spring Maxi Skirts

Favorite Spring Maxi Skirts

DVF Skirt (similar here) | Theory Top | Sandals | Bag  (similar here)|

It’s almost the weekend and I’m getting ready to spend the weekend at Stagecoach! Is anyone else going? I feel as though it’s been go-go since I got back from the Bahamas. Last weekend, I felt lucky enough to spend some downtime with my family, roommate and Mia. I decided as of recently to make a (better) commitment to myself and mostly to Mia to start hiking every day and so far we’ve been doing a really good job at getting up early and hiking before work or sometimes after work. I can honestly say it makes a world of different having a tired husky vs a very energetic husky.

This is easily one of my favorites maxi skirts. The fit is perfect (I’m wearing a small) and I just love the flow-y feel of it. It’s lightweight, comfortable and the color is perfect for this summer. I wore it with my Valentino rockstud sandals and a Theory ribbed top. This top would also be really cute with a pair of cut-out denim jeans, a leather jacket, and some wedges. But keep this maxi skirt in mind the next time you head to a winery, brunch or bridal shower. It’s simply perfect!  Below is a little shop of all my favorite maxi dresses for summer!




Coral Two Piece

Coral Two Piece

Crop Top | Wrap Skirt | Valentino Heels | Purse

I’m finally back from the Bahamas although I wish I could say I was still there. It was so nice to be able to get away, disconnect a little bit, get away from busy streets and honking horns. I’m so fortunate that a work project will allow me to keep coming back and get to know the island a little better as well as the locals. I have a few trips planned in the next few weeks looking forward to some of the upcoming travels. I love getting away and knowing I can come home to sunny weather and my puppy.

This spring I have really been attracted to shades of pink, blues and yellows. When I came across this two piece coral outfit, I knew it would be perfect for just about anything. If you’re heading to any festivals, it’s the perfect outfit plus you’re relatively covered from the sun which is always a plus. Or, take it with you to a beach vacation, it would make a cute cover up. With both pieces being separate, they can be worn separately or mix and match top and bottoms. I love this top matching with this wrap skirt.  I have been pairing so many of my outfits as of late with these earrings. They come in so many different colors, I have yet to get a few more in different colors.


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